Websites for New Glass Companies

Glass Company Website FAQ

When you are making a new website for a glass company it’s important to know what your plan is. Is your website just a business card, not intended to bring in new work but just be a location for current clients and prospective clients to learn more about your glass replacement business. If you want to bring in new leads you will need to reach the first page of google for all your most important keywords. Thinking about keywords would be something like this:

Glass Replacement, Glass repair, window glass repair, window glass replacement, basically all the different search terms people might plug in when they are trying to find a glass company.

Glass Company SEO and Marketing

When creating your website be sure to use as many keywords as you can relating to your specialized services. You can have general keywords but make sure you focus your headlines on the most important services you offer. Services may look something like this:

Glass Replacement

Patio door glass replacement

commercial door glass replacement

A good example of a glass company website that has very good SEO would be Valleywide Glass in Phoenix AZ. They offer a lot of services and rank very high on Google for many terms. Although Valleywide Glass LLC focuses more on emergency commercial door glass replacement they also have other services and use those terms as well.

Generate Glass Replacement Leads with website

A good way to generate leads is to make sure you have social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all pointing to your main glass company website. Also, make sure you create and fill out completely your free google listing. An example of a glass replacement google listing will be attached below. Click on it and view all the pictures and services and products offered. The better each listing is filled out will help rank it and don’t forget to get as many positive reviews as you can.

Using images for glass company websites

Images are great to use on your website and google listing. Make sure you take many pictures of all the jobs you do. Take pictures of single pane reglazes, shower doors that were installed by you and before and after pics of all kinds of replacement service jobs. The more pics the better. Make sure they are minimized in size so they don’t take up too much data. Example glass replacement pictures.

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