How to market glass companies

Marketing TIps for Glass Companies and Window Contractors

If you have a glass company or a windshield replacement business then you know the market is saturated and you are probably having trouble getting new customers through your website. There are some pretty good marketing strategies that you can use to drive more targetted traffic to your site and hopefully get some new customers that are searching for glass repair. Here are some quick tips that might help you figure it out. Check out the websites of a local glass company website and see how they do it. A good example is They were a relatively new site but their online presence is growing due to decent SEO work being done.

Don’t waste too much money on your marketing budget. Get a good local seo expert and pay about 600 a month. This should start getting you some high quality backlinks from other glass companies or glass manufacturers. These niche related backlinks from other contractors especially if they are local will really help build your domain authority and in turn rankings for glass, window and patio door related keywords

Don’t only worry about insurance referrals. Sure they come and go and they are free money but posting ads even on craigslist will get you a ton of work. You just have to be smart about it. Use quality headlines like:

Cheap Glass Repair

Affordable Window Replacement

Then fill in your ads with a lot of text that your customers may be searching for you whether on google or craigslist. Another good place is You can find many customers looking and only bid on the jobs that would appeal to you.

Local SEO for Glass Company Marketing

Seo or Search engine marketing can increases the online footprint of an auto glass or window repair company’s website. This process can take time, 3-6 months on average but will have huge results and last for a long time. You need to move up those rankings and get customers!

Window Company Website Design

Make sure the web design company doing your site knows about the keywords and niche that you are into. So a glass company site should be studied and then the seo company can get ideas on the best way to market that. Make sure the site is responsive as the new google guidelines show that that is the preferred type of website.

Glass Replacement Ads on Craigslist

Post ads on craigslist under the services offered section. These ads should be free and you can post a few a day. My tip is to create 4 different ads. Targeting 4 different services for example:

Window Repair Ad

Sliding Door Replacement Ad

Custom Mirror Ad

Emergency Board Up Ad

make each ad seperate and include an image logo with your phone number on it. Craigslist no longer accepts backlinks in their ads but you still want to show your website and phone number and get those calls coming in!

Hope this helps, good luck out there!


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